Six Steps to promote your Blog

At the start there are multitude people intellectual that it is so difficult erewhile they start a blog to get readers for their text additional over their blog is brand new. This issue isn’t going to happen overnight. Increasing exposure to your blog is like building your SEO presence on search results and get more ranking to your website. But there are strategies to increase the number of readers to your blog which we are going to mention in six easy steps.

1- Choose your keywords Wisely
At the beginning you should be careful though choosing your keywords. Actually you should know that those keywords are very important to increase your website rank . The closest step is to set your keywords inside the content without adding tons of them because it’s very old technique that was used in the past to manipulate search engines.
But these days, Google’s algorithm updates such as (Panda, Penguin, and Penguin 2.0) put a radical solvent for this issue in order to differentiate between the useful blog and the black hat numeral so they container easily detect articles with low quality content. Google discipline websites which use “Keyword Stuffing” with low quality content.
2-Essential Plugins for WordPress
If you are using WordPress stage for your blog, you should install the useful plugins such equally “All In One SEO tote “, this plugin is one of the most famous and important SEO plugins for WordPress platform. It’s free and can help you to create the “META tags”, and “title” for your Blog posts
This egress is very essential if you desiderata your Blog to live visible online. It is not difficult to Take few minutes of your time after writing your blog post and add the “META data” that have a concluded description on your post. This is what makes your webstek more different and only than different Bloggers who don’t focus on this dot and totally ignore SEO.
3- Feeling enthusiastic from your website’s alacrity

If you you have high quality content and optimized successfully, this is a perfect thing besides all of this with a slow website is totally boring. Google take into consideration the website precipitous as a ranking factor. There’re many solutions to solve such a problem starting from a “VPS” hosting to” Cloud” hosting , depending on your business needs.
4-make your Blog Posts link to each other
It will be good if you linked your blog posts with each other by putting the connect of other blog posts to the post you wrote because this will be useful for users to easily navigate middle-of-the-road your Blog posts to read what they are searching for or there’s alias way of doing this; just create the small navigation on the side of the blog that’s called “categories” else even “Recent Posts”. This will help the users to solve their right way inside your blog.
5-Social network communication
Social media is extra important factor that really affect your page rank. To vary social on different social media platforms is very helpful for you. It will help your blog in 2 sides, the first one is that social media websites has a huge number of traffic, so it’s a plus to sum your Blog post URL also there. When this happens , your rank will be raised up but not from simply traffic but because Google loves websites that has traffic from social media websites so you gained one greater ranking factor for your website .
6-Images significant impact
Don’t emit your readers forensic a written text, it’s important to insert images in your blog post. As the quote says “Image worth thousand words”. The images are deeply good for SEO; use the “alt” stub when you’re adding an image. The “alt” tags help you to describe the image and this will increase the chance of finding your website in the first results in Google images, by this way you include got another factor for gaining one more ranking for your website.

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