Business Blog Web Design Mistakes

With more companies adopting blogs, we’re starting to see what works and what doesn’t work from a design perspective. Because a cue from Jakob Nielsen’s article on the topic, here are contrivance difficulties I often find.

Bad headlines. They’re frustrating. Some bloggers like to get creative… but creativity can affect search engine keyword opportunities. The important idea is that readers have a hint of what the post is about.

Links. Readers like to see where links take them and most of us rely on the status bar, still sometimes that doesn’t help. Some experts say to use “click here” to help those who are newer to the Web and others express that’s wrong, wrong, wrong. It rightfulness depends on the content. When linking, try to pick the best words that give readers an idea of what to expect.

Calendars as the only way to navigate a blog and impossible to find archives or older entries are big problems. I almost always resort to safari when I want to find postings no longer on the home page. Unfortunately, some blogs don’t have search. That’s why I put “archive” links in my sidebar in both meryl’s notes and meryl’s notes features. As my site goes through redesign, I’m making stable the archives are procurable especially in the features section. I found portion old entries from 2001 that are still relevant today.

Bloggers must be regular. No bathroom jokes here, please. 🙂 When a blog looks abandoned for a month… your audience is gone. They’ll take you off their dispense primer also blogroll. If you syntax not to do it again or take a long sabbatical… prepare to start over again when you return.

Keep the boss in inculcate even if your the head honcho. Always blog with a master in mind. Arbitrary your boss (current and future) be offended by your posting? Not only do society get fired for their blogs, but and they could cost job offers. It wouldn’t surprise me if managers are Googling applicants while going through the interview process.

Junky URLs. Nielsen says having a or equates to having a or email address. Some from the bigwigs functional Blogspot uncertainty Typepad URLs. Guess what? I never remember their URLs. I give to rely on Google. So this makes sense, BUT I wouldn’t call it unprofessional.

Business blogging has many benefits and problems. Companies tread carefully when entering this new world. It’s wise to acquire policies on the endorse course and what can and can’t be said. Corresponding anything else in a business, blogs need to be evaluated to impulsion whether or refusal they fit the business’ model.

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