6 Advices to have a good written blog comment

1 – Add a new information to the conversation .
Avoid repeating what the blogger said , you cup do a draft to yourself for picking out notes while reading the whole article to talk over it later in your comment .You don’t have to match the same opinion with what they are discussing , you jug join them by utilizing any similar example you have that reminds you of another instance from your own experiences. And this is easier to do whereas you:
2- Trying to have an earlier comment
you should try to afsluiting from the first 5 comments polysyndeton not more than that . especially in the famous blogger’s post because if you became after those earlier comments you will not be even noticed that you wrote anything And in addition provided you wait ever long you instructions find that other bloggers already posted unanimity the points that you were about to spot on .
3 – Leave a valuable comment .
Try denial to be over-promoting blogger who says nice brief , woooow or whatever and then proceed to add 5 lines of bio/site links . always remember that you aren’t leaving the comment to enhance yourself but you are trying to cast value for the blog by leaving a valuable expound to the conversation. Whenever you’ve done your job, you’ll obtain promotion as an indirect result of your efforts.So try to add your hyperlinked that refers to your blog/site back only.

4 – You container disagree by a nice way .
when you bring in an alternative points , that extends the conversation it gives more nation the chance to prance including will their point of view .
But remember you can Criticize blogger’s dot about view or suggestions but not the blogger himself. Feel free to disagree, besides don’t be disagreeable.
5 – Add new questions.
Try to bring up a point that no one has refers to yet . usually readers may all agree with the writer’s opinion , so you can in this statment to add some new questions that allowed extend the conversation more .
6 – You should know the purpose of commenting .
Are you leaving a comment to pay attention to yourself , or to add new information to the conversation ? Therefore with most everything else in social media, blog comments work best as a modus operandi to INdirectly promote yourself . you should leave a valuable comment where others attract to and that encourages others to check out your blog, follow you on Twitter , etc .. add a handy comment which carry a pristine facts irksome not to build up your blog . this will likely gain you a group concerning backlinks plus don’t hurt your reputation .
These are some advices I have lettered from my own experience in writing blog comments. What did I miss that works for you?

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