Once Upon A Time In A Blog Post Far Far Away …

Remind when you were a little child and your genetrix told you a bedtime story? I bet there was one special separate that you loved hearing, and asked for again and again.

Or how about the great story you read recently – the sequel you simply couldn’t put down. You had to read paginate after page to find external what happened next.

What makes a great story? Why are some more special – more memorable – than others?

Every great story has trinity things:

1. A problem

2. A solution

3. A result

Think throughout it. Wish any of your favorite stories, und so weiter I bet you can apply these 3 bit process.

Let’s look at the children’s classic Beauty and the Beast.

The problem was immortality as a beast.

The nostrum was finding a beautiful girl to charity him and break the spell.

The result was trusting your heart and letting go of your own internal feelings enough to put someone else’s needs ahead regarding your own.

The composition tale wove intrigue and mystery all the passage through it sponsor the problem to you, champion you discover the solution, and find your own resolution, one that you can apply to your own life.

Through the story you conditioning more about yourself.

You learn how the message applies to you and how you can bring it into your own life to use in your own ways.

And that’s what makes a great story.

When you can say “the piosity of the story is…” et al positively be able to bring home the message and put it into use in your own life, you know the narration had meaning.

While this is the solution to a great story, it’s with the solution to a great blog post.

Stories give us insight into what is going on around us. They give us an idea of who you are and what you can do for us.

The biggest problem people have with adding content to the online world is coming up with things to say. “How do I report about my product in another way?” or “What else jug I say about myself or my services?”

That’s absent the point.

Your blog shouldn’t be filled with content about what you do or what you offer. Instead, they should be filled with stories that open up the wonder of those that are there and reading what you have to say.

I recently watched a TED chat from a master storyteller from Pixar. Bout like the things he talked about when building a great story for something as jumbo as a motion picture can also run well for something as small as a blog post that will bridge with just a few people.

Two things you can use again furthermore de novo are:

1. Unifying Theory about 2+2
Never give your audience the sum of 4 – make them add up 2 +2 and come up with their own conclusions. I unrequited this concept. It’s the ability to put different ideas into your readers minds and let them draw the conclusion. It gives you the ability to think of things in a 1,2 manner and allow your readers to draw the necessary conclusions.

2. Pullulate anticipation
In everything you talk almost and have to say, do you make me want to know more? Is there a reason to cause me read further? Do I want to betide back again plus again to find out your ideas and your thoughts?

That’s what makes great blog posts. That’s what creates great content. That’s what makes a great online business.

If your goal is to have a lifestyle mercantilism that is online, portable and ready to take anywhere, blogs are important to you. Not just content, great content. Memorable content. Stories.

Give them stories and they’ll be back. Guaranteed.

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