How To Have A Busy Blog During The Holidays

How To Have A Busy Blog During The Holidays

You’ve got your business blog going and people seem to like it. The traffic, comments and sign-ups to your newsletter are growing and you’ve put in a lot of achievement to get it this successful. Now that the holidays are upon us you’ll likely acquire little time to keep your blog up to date, exclusively if you market consumer products. You do know that you want to keep this great existent going though. Besides, it’s the long term marketing that will help you over the slower periods of the year. What can you do?

Try pre-scheduling your posts. This is the lone most effective method. Do this over the rest regarding the year to save time when you need a break or are too busy. You can do this by using your blog’s scheduled post landmark uncertainty you could blog by email moreover set your email patient to only send the mail at a pre-set date and time. If you’re using Outlook, there are plugins you vessel purchase to adminicular you send scheduled emails.

Something else you could do is draw some guest bloggers. You can hire someone. Alot times people are more than happy to blog on sites for an cheap fee. You could also invite owners of related businesses to post. This is a great idea because you may not need to pay absent any cash connective you can return the favor when they get busy. Guest writers are a good way to get some time away from your blog, allow you to concentrate on holiday sales and a wonderful way to introduce a fresh perspective.

Here’s another idea. Have an second post some leave articles related to your business for you. Articles about the holidays that people find useful such as shopping and allocate tips, recipes and etiquette do very nicely. More affordable and pleasurable holidays are something everyone can use to listen about. If your assistant can adscititious information to relate those articles with your product, the better. With that holiday foreboding in the air, you may be surprised to visualize how much traffic you end up getting. Possibly more than normal.

If you post tips, coerce sure they’re not all at once. Publish some quick, interesting tips over a period of days or even weeks. Tell people they are reading on of a progression of guidelines on “X” topic. This gives your prospects reason to return et al you something to blog circa on a regular basis.

Try audio. Speaking comes more naturally to us than writing and it also requires little effort moreover time to make a post. Record a short under 5 minute clip about what’s happening during the busy holiday period. Assure people about your sales, share how you helped a customer out of his holiday shopping dilemma. There are many tools you can use for a small cost such as AudioAcrobat and HipCast. You can record it and have it posted to your blog immediately.

There’s no yearn to abandon your blog at this very busy time regarding the year. By using the advice in this column you will ensure your blog isn’t neglected as you continue to build relationships with your prospects though posting.

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